Teak Cleaning and Brightening

Teak cleaning can be done right and can absolutely be done wrong. A good job will depend on the owner’s preference. Do you like golden clean bare teak finish? if so no problem, but your teak won’t last very long.

Do you like clean non stained teak?
great that’s easily achievable, or do you like your silvered leave it alone teak? that’s fine to it will last the longest but maybe look a bit tatty.
Sometimes a scrub with a doodle bug will get the teak clean and flat without gouging into the grain making a lumpy uneven mess with proud caulking.

Auckland Marine Boat Valet Teack Cleaning
Auckland Marine Boat Valet Teak Cleaning

Marine Teak Treatments can be a matter of preference. It usually happens with boat cleaning but it’s a bit more intense than just a soapy wash. We can seal the teak. Marine teak treatments range from marine teak cleaning, brightening and sealing or just leaving them.

Boat teak cleaning is not a job that an untrained person is going to engage in. It’s important to discuss the boat owner’s preference when dealing with teak as it’s very expensive to correct a bad job. Boat cleaning Auckland under the harbour bridge or next to motor ways next to cities main roads is an environmental contamination nightmare for most. So, cleaning teak boat decks reduces the transfer of environmental dirt inside.

Marine teak cleaner is different to other wood cleaners as we must be careful not to affect the caulking with harsh chemicals. And as always, we need to make certain we are using environmentally safe products that end up in the water. Boat teak deck cleaning is often done after the boats been cleaned and polished, removing wax and basically making a mess of stainless polishing. It’s important that it’s done first.

I like to seal it with marine teak treatment. Teak wonder penetrating sealer. It’s the best. Some like Semco but I’m a teak wonder fan.