Cut and Polishing Expertise

Surface preparation and restoration, Simply cutting and polishing all boats is not a successful strategy. Not all boats require an aggressive grind. Gel coat is not paint and should be treated differently.

Knowing the difference between paints and what can and cannot be done is something only proper training and experience can offer.

We can guide you through this with the right solutions. And provide after service care to maximise performance of your freshly waxed surface.

Window Polishing

Window scale, or salt hematite. Its incredibly difficult to remove. We at Auckland Marine Boat Valet Ltd have developed a technique that removes scale from your glass leaving a vision that will leave you wondering why you put up with such poor vision and such terrible windscreen performance.

We enhance the glass using silica nano tubes which impregnate the glass and repelwater like nothing else.

A truly remarkable improvement to your boating experience.