Antifouling Service — Its all about performance.

Choosing the right antifoul can be a matter of preference or necessity: Hard or soft? ablative or not so much? fast boat or slow boat? Fibreglass or aluminium? In a river or tidal ocean water? Yacht, power-boat or ship?

It all matters.

With our low overheads we can offer a very competitive price. Enquire today

The two most common brands in new Zealand are Altex and International, although there are others Jotun, Hemple and Vivid. Renewal of Antifoul should be the same as the existing brand unless a primer is used in the conversion process.

Our preferred method for application is rolling. Some believe that spraying is better than rolling but it carries a much higher cost for the same amount of paint applied. It is our opinion that it is all in the skill of the applicator. Steve’s rolling is as neat as a sprayed finish. Rolling has far less expense involved than spraying, and it is how we can be so competitive compared to our competition. If you would still prefer spraying we do have the gear, so please just let us know.