Auckland Marine Boat Valet

Our small family business was established in 1998. From there, our reputation has become well established and respected in the industry. This is because we take our principles and values, and apply them to our business. We strive for quality, innovative and collaborative culture, which is committed to ethical behavior, accountability and transparency. We feel that this influences clients and how we are perceived, as an investment for boat owners.

As specialists we take pride in our ability to provide boat owners with professional and quality services. Our boat grooming services have been requested from far a field – the US, the Pacific Islands and the Australian coast.

Insurance work

Auckland Marine Boat Valet ltd carries all the necessary insurances to complete all work specified in the above actions including ship repairers. We also assist the insurance industry in carrying out jobs boat owners need from claims. Experience counts for everything.

Steve Kellie

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Joe Jance

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