Our services are varied and for your convenience we've listed further information on some of these. Please feel free to talk to us in person.

Window Polishing & Nano Protection

Marine glass naturally gets embedded with salt and over time it reduces visability. The window restoration service preserves glass as new without the need of hazardous chemicals and saves time and money at the fraction of the cost to replace your glass. It eliminate stains, pollutants (including exhaust stains), odours, and kills bacteria and fungi. The UV Hydrophopic coating we use ensures that humidity and water droplets cannot form on the glass. It runs off as a sheet, rather than lines or dribbles. This ensures that dirt, dust and pollutants get washed away with wind or rain. Persistent organic pollutants get decomposed by the self-cleaning properties. The special photocatalytic coating also reacts with ultraviolet rays to break down and loosen organic dirt.

This is not a sealer that forms a seal but rather a modification on a molecular level to provide an easy clean surface effect.

  • Resists salts and other contaminants etching on the glass, creating a low maintenance surface
  • Improves wet weather vision considerably, particularly at night
  • Reduces re-action times to danger
  • Repels oil and water effectively
  • Eliminates moisture build up on the windows
  • Eliminate stains, pollutants (including exhaust stains), odours, and kills bacteria and fungi
  • Antifogging
  • Increasing effect with periodical application

    Clean and seal of the marine glass is $80.00 per mtr sq.

    Teak Clean and Brighten

    Teak is the most common wood found on pleasure boats. Teak wood contains natural oils which help prevent it from rotting or deteriorating in the marine environment. Unfortunately, these oils also cause teak to turn gray or black due to mold and mildew feeding upon the oil.

    Our teak cleaning treatment lift oils and contaminants from your teak for a fresh clean look and giving the teak a beautiful even colour finish. Our deep cleaning and brightening will keep your decks in perfect condition. Once teak cleaning has been completed you have the choice to leave the fresh natural looking teak, or apply a teak oil.

    Rust Stain Removal

    Salt water contains minerals and metal oxides which when repeatedly splashed on your boat appears as a yellow stain around the bow, anchor, foredeck and around the base of the staunchons. Our process is safe for the environment and your boat, fast to use and effective as a preliminary step before polishing.

    Stainless Steel Polishing

    Stainless steel and other metal fixtures are often the finishing accents that make a vessel stand tall! Therefore there is no point in having a beautiful glistening boat if the metal is dull or rusting. Our stainless steel polishing service will insure all metal fixtures are coated in a protective layer, and stainless shines! - cleats, winch drums, portholes, deck railings and more!

    Regular Washdown Service

    Professional boat detailing goes much further than simply cleaning your yacht, and is more important than simple aesthetic appeal. As a boat owner it's a constant battle against the elements. Sun, sea and salt water constantly attacks your paint, gel coat, metal, leather, vinyl and glass in a very harsh environment. Regularly washing off salt with fresh water goes a long way towards preventing unnecessary erosion, however preventative protection will not only keep your yacht glistening, it will extend its life and reduce depreciation, simply put:

    "You've made a major investment, it makes financial sense to look after it."

    Our washdown service removes all surface dirt like sea salts, boat scum, bird droppings, light exhaust stains and oxidization.