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Antifouling is a part of the regular maintenance program for a vessel.

Antifouling or bottom paint is a specialised coating applied to the bottom of the hull to slow the growth of organisms - barnacles and plant material. Without antifoul your boats speed will decrease and your fuel consumption will increase. Environmentally, there is an increased risk of transporting harmful marine growth to other areas like the mediterranean fan worm. We recommend a good clean and the reapplication of a liberal coating of antifouling paint before you travel from your home port to another region of New Zealand.

A good general rule is an annual clean and reapplication of antifouling, but many boaties find a good thorough coat of paint lasts longer than this, with their more frequent maintenance being a waterblast.

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We service all the marinas within Auckland and we are competitively priced. Contact us so we can schedule time for antifouling, prop speed and a hull polish.

Benefits include:
  • Prevent marine growth on your hull
  • Protect and Extend the life of your boat and gear
  • Reduce vessel running costs (lower fuel consumption)
  • Increase Top Speed
  • Reduce maintenance costs with quick and easy follow up cleaning
  • Protect our coastal waters for future generations
  • Maintain our enjoyment of the marine environment for activities such as fishing, swimming, sailing and diving